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CONTACT US     Jennifer Gorsuch, Director

Phone: 217-392-2211 Fax: 217-392-2211
Email: gwclibraries@yahoo.com

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 235
Augusta, Illinois 62311


Greater West Central Public Library District is part of R.A.I.L.S (Reaching Across Illinois Library System) cooperating to provide essential services to the citizens of Illinois.


The Greater West Central Public Library District will provide traditional and pioneering services in a friendly and welcoming environment; offer programs for all ages, birth through seniors; offer materials in a variety of formats that serve patrons’ reading, entertainment and reference needs. Provide access to technology for patrons’ use in gathering of information and for recreation. All of our facilities will be inviting and provide service to all residents within our communities.


For requests related to the Freedom of Information Act, please contact Jennifer Gorsuch, PO Box 235 Augusta, IL  62311. Board meeting minutes will be available  7 days after being presented at a formal board meeting.

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