It’s Show Time at Your Library!!


Summer Reading 2019

It’s Showtime At Your Library!

Serving Libraries in:

Augusta, Littleton, Bowen, Golden, and Plymouth

Week 1-Puppet Show,

Week 2- Wild Time Exotics,  Littleton-Juggler

Week 3- Juggler Littleton-Wild Time Exotics,

Week 4- Klutzy the Clown

Kids of all ages WELCOME!

(Preschool children must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling.)

Tuesdays, June 4-25th                                    Wednesdays, June 5-26th

Golden Library 9-10 am                                   Littleton Library 1-2 pm

Bowen Library 11-Noon

Augusta Library 1-2 pm

Plymouth Library 3-4 pm                         “The World Belongs to Those

                                                                         Who Read!” Rick Holland